"Finding Your Courage" - Workshop


During the "Finding Your Courage" workshop, we’ll work with your group to start opening up conversation around the question, "What does Courage mean to you?" We’ll also break down what holds people back from having Courage and how we can get past those things. Together, we’ll take steps towards better appreciating who we are, by identifying attributes that we want to share with the world. Our hope is that your group will leave having identified some of the things that hold them back, as well as something they want to find Courage for.


- Intro to what “Courage Collective” is

- Discussion about “Comfort Zones” and what it means to push our boundaries

- Question: What Does Courage Mean To You?

- Game to establish groups 

- Why sitting in circles is important

- Group Question: What are 2 things you’re good at?

- Golden Buddha story

- Group Question: What holds people back from having Courage?

- Game: Clapping Level 1

- Group Question: Who’s someone you know that has Courage to be different?

- Game: Clapping Level 2

- Group Question: Would you have picked up the hammer?

- FINAL CHALLENGE: What’s something you want to find Courage for? (written)                                


Together we will...

- Develop mutual respect and space to share our voices.

- Develop safe opportunity to create on-going inclusive, welcoming community.

- Identify ways we are held back from having Courage.

- Provide an opportunity for individuals to take a first step toward sharing what they hope to find Courage for.


The cost for the “Finding Your Courage” workshop is $200 or an honorarium for an amount that best fits your programs budget.

Room Setup

- Circles of 4 to 6 chairs (See diagram below)

- Projector and screen for Powerpoint

- Microphones and PA system as needed

Finding Your Courage-room-setup.jpg

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