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3 Easy Steps To Get You Started

Here's the deal - in one way or another we're all Difference Makers (even YOU).  

The real question is, "are you happy with the difference you're making?"

If you're still figuring that out, why not let us help to get you started?


1.Find it

Don't know where to start? Choose a Courage Starter that you want to try


2.Show it

Shake up your daily routine by trying the Courage Starter that you picked


3.Share it

You made a Difference!

Encourage others by sharing your experience 

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Courage Starters


Starting A Conversation With Someone You Don't Normally Talk To


Stories of Courage

Difference Makers Sharing About What Courage Means To Them 



I approached someone I didn't know to thank them for helping.

- Josh


I got the courage to apply to a job I never thought I'd get, but I did!

- Lindsay


I am VERY afraid of heights but I went cliff jumping for the first time last summer! 

- Kristen

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