"We Need To Talk" - Workshop


During the “We Need To Talk” workshop, we’ll work with your group to identify some of the things that stop people from communicating with each other. Furthermore, we’ll engage in simple activities that will challenge your group to look deeper than “first impressions” or “what they’ve heard about someone” and focus on who a person really is.  Our hope is that your group will leave having learned new communication techniques and become more aware of their impact on others both in person and on Social Media. Above all, we hope that connections are made and friendships started or strengthened.


Together we will...

- Meet new people in simple, scaffolded, short conversations.

- Develop safe opportunity to create on-going inclusive, welcoming community.

- Identify barriers to effective communication and strategies to overcome them.

- Move towards equity in all interactions and break down social prejudices.

Room Setup

- 2 rows of chairs that are facing each other (See diagram below)

- Projector and screen for Powerpoint

- Microphones and PA system as needed

WNTT room setup.jpg

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